Tippy and the whole Digicom Team will attend to Bimbi in Fiera at Parco Esposizioni of Novegro (Milano) Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th, this exposition it’s dedicated to new parents and their children and to all parents to be.
Digicom main goal is to support Parents’ Day to day life, offering high tech solution which focuses on child safety. Starting from the growing problem of the “forgetting baby syndrome” in 2017 the first wireless anti-abandon device for cars was born: Tippy Pad.
Digicom has also been able to respond to other types of childhood issues such as domestic falls from stairs and beds, developing products ad hoc.
If you’re interested in trying the Tippy Suite we invite you to Bimbi in Fiera, at stand no. 27, with lots of surprises for young and old!

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