ASAPS campaign: children in the car never alone again​

Every year in the world hundreds of children die because of heat stroke in closed vehicles. Within these are forgotten children or grandchildren or the children themselves inadvertently playing close the medium, remaining trapped.

ASAPS: “” Children in the car: never alone again “- Awareness campaign
ASAPS (Association of Road Traffic Police Supporters), at the beginning of the summer of 2018, started the campaign to raise awareness and educate the public opinion “Bimbi in auto: mai più di soli”, remembering dramatic episodes already happened. In particular, the association wanted to highlight 10 fundamental tips to allow parents and relatives to avoid the so-called “mental blackout”. The latter is a moment of transitory dissociative amnesia, increasingly present in people stressed by home-work rhythms, which unfortunately lead adults to put the child in second place in a completely unaware way.

1) Call 112
If you see a child alone in the car and no adult nearby calls immediately 112 (European emergency number) or 113.

2) Leave your personal items in the back seat
If you carry a child in the back seat of your car: leave your personal items (bag, phone, etc.) on the back seat, next to the baby. Not to forget the child supports the child’s personal items (diapers, bags and baby bottles) on the front seat, so that they remind you of the presence of the child.

3) Put a reminder
When accompanying the child to the nursery or kindergarten, add a “reminder” to the agenda of your computer or mobile phone (or write it on your paper diary), which can inform you whether or not you have brought the child to your destination, such as programmed.

4) Program change? Notify a trusted person
Whenever a change of program occurs in resuming or accompanying the child, inform the partner or a trusted person.

5) Ask who keeps the children from warning you if they are not brought
Ask the person who normally takes care of the child (for example, the person in charge of the nursery or the nursery or the babysitter) to tell you if the child has not been accompanied to kindergarten or nursery, as usually happens.

6) Use a device that alerts you
Install a warning device, sound or light, which is activated when you turn off the engine and you move away without taking the baby with you.

7) Keep the keys out of the reach of the children. And close doors and trunk when the car is empty.
When nobody is in the car, close the doors and the rear boot and keep the keys out of reach of children. One of the risks is that children enter the boot without the knowledge of their parents for playing games or simply for curiosity. When you can no longer find a child in a house or in a condominium, check the car and the trunk immediately.

8) Before closing the car, make sure it is empty
Before closing a vehicle, make sure that all passengers have gone down, especially the children who may have fallen asleep during the journey.

9) You are NOT hiding in the car
Always lock the car and tell the children that the car is not a place to play or to hide.

10) If there is a baby in the car for some time, call 118
If you are aware of the presence of a child inside the car for some time, immediately call 118 who can provide the first advice pending the arrival of medical and health personnel.