Frequently Asked Questions about Tippy-Fi?

In case of doubt or need you can consult the FAQ or write directly to the assistance by filling out the contact form.

To perform the configuration procedure, manual or via app, of the Tippy Pad accessory the user can view the tutorial video on the official website or on the Tippy Youtube channel.

We suggest to reset the device, following the dissociation procedure in the instruction sheet. Once performed, repeat the configuration and association of the accessory with the Tippy Pad anti-abbandonement device.

It is possible to pair as many Tippy-Fi users want the most important thing is not to use them at the same time, as Tippy Pad can only connect to one Bluetooth accessory at a time.

Up to 3 Tippy Pads can be associated and managed with the same Tippy Fi at the same time.

The phone can remain associated with the Tippy Pad. However, the Tippy Pad can only connect to one Bluetooth device at one time, either the phone or the Tippy-Fi but not both at the same time.

Tippy-Fi is an accessory able to connect to the Tippy Pad anti abandonment device, allowing the user to detect the possible abandonment of the child in the car without the help of the smartphone. Being an accessory and NOT an abandonment device it is not subject to the Italian car seat bonus.

No, the Tippy-Fi accessory only works in combination with the Tippy Pad. Therefore, it cannot be used with other abandonment devices.

Tippy-Fi is not considered an abandonment device but an accessory. In any case, the use of the Tippy Pad in combination with the Tippy-Fi accessory complies with the Italian Decree no. 122 of 02/10/2019.

When the baby is placed on top of the seat, Tippy Fi emits a triple beep accompanied by blue lights to warn that it is connected to the Tippy Pad and is ready to use.

No, the Tippy-Fi accessory in case the child is left in the car will detect the emergency by starting to emit light and sound signals. These signals are those required by law, while the second level of alarm (not required by law) is made, in the case of Tippy Pad, only and exclusively from the smartphone.

In order to associate a second Tippy Pad you will need to reset the Tippy-Fi first by opening it, following the instructions in the manual under “disassociate”. Once the reset has been performed, repeat the pairing procedure for both Tippy Pads.

Yes, the CR2032 battery of the Tippy-Fi accessory is replaceable. Simply open the case and proceed according to the instructions in the manual. The CR2031 battery is easily available on the market.

If Tippy-Fi has a low battery, the product will signal every 15 seconds with a red flashing light and an intermittent beep until it is replaced. To replace the battery, follow the instructions in the manual.

If the Tippy-Fi detects that the battery of the associated Tippy Pads, and in use, is low, the device will indicate by a yellow flash and an intermittent “beep” every 15 seconds for 5 minutes indicating the need to replace the Tippy Pad. The battery status of your Tippy Pad is also available on the dedicated phone App.
WARNING! The battery of your Tippy Pad is not replaceable or rechargeable. Please refer to the dedicated instruction manual for more information.

If Tippy-Fi detects that the baby is still in the car, it will emit a visual and audio signal. Tippy-Fi will continue to sound until the alarm is deactivated by returning to your Tippy Pad with the child on board. In case the situation is actually under control during an alarm, simply shake Tippy-Fi repeatedly with firm wrist movements, as you do with a thermometer. If necessary, Tippy-Fi will reconnect itself to the Tippy Pad when the child is sitting in the car.