FAQ about Tippy Pad?

In case of doubt or need you can consult the FAQ or write directly to the assistance by filling out the contact form.

To install the Tippy APP on your smartphone, you must download it from the Google Play Store for the Android operating system and the Apple Store for the iOS operating system and follow the installation instructions. Or you can scan the QR code at the back of the manual for a direct connection to the stores.

We recommend that you check the smartphone system requirements reported in the store. To use the application it is necessary to confirm the terms of use displayed at the first access.

It is possible to associate a maximum of 4 Tippy to your smartphone.

The language is set automatically according to the specifications of the telephone operating system.

Proceed with the checks below by checking the resolution of the problem in sequence:

Switch the Bluetooth of your smartphone off and on again;
Close the APP;
Switch your smartphone off and on again;
Check the system requirements indicated in the store.

To turn on the Tippy Pad follow the instructions in the tutorial in the APP or consult the manual.

After 3 minutes of absence of the child the Tippy Pad switches off automatically.

The serial (identified with SN) is reported both inside the Tippy Pad and on the manual on the first page and inside the product opening the zip.

In case of first use, follow the instructions on the tutorial in the APP or in the manual, ensuring that at that precise moment Tippy is not already associated with another smartphone near you.

If the Tippy has already been associated at least once, try to proceed with the instructions below:

Verify that the Tippy has not been deleted;
Switch the Bluetooth of your smartphone off and on again;
Close the APP;
Switch your smartphone off and on again;
Check the system requirements indicated in the store.
For more details see the instruction manual.

Within the profile of the Tippy Pad you want to delete, with the  “Remove” button, the settings will be permanently deleted and the Tippy Pad related to the profile is deleted from the APP.

You can enter up to two emergency numbers, but you must enter at least one phone number to save your Tippy Pad profile.

The external covering is removable and washable according to the instructions indicated on the internal label.

For the duration of the warranty on conformity defects please refer to the national regulations applicable in the country of purchase, where provided.

For more details, refer to the instruction manual.

You should verify that the E-mail that was sent to you has not been moved into SPAM or junk mail from your E-mail system. If the E-mail is not present even into SPAM, try requesting a new password within the app or write an email to technical support at customerservice@digicom.it Alternatively, if you prefer, you can access the app through Facebook or Google social logins.

Make sure that the cushion is not covered by other objects (cushions, safety belts, toys), and that it is not excessively curved. If you continue to detect the problem please contact technical support, you can find all the contacts on the official website  or by writing directly to the email address: customerservice@digicom.it indicating the serial number of the product.

Yes, You can use Tippy Pad on more than one phone with different accounts, but two phones cannot use it simultaneously for security reasons.

Si è possibile. Accedendo all’App con lo stesso account, le informazioni registrate su un telefono (nome del bambino, numeri telefonici di emergenza etc.) verranno automaticamente visualizzate anche su un altro telefono. Anche in questo caso due telefoni non possono simultaneamente gestire lo stesso Tippy Pad per ragioni di sicurezza.

No, when two phones that have been paired with the Tippy Pad are both in its vicinity, only one of them will connect.

From the moment only one of the phones connects to the Tippy Pad, if the parent who leaves the vehicle with the other parent on board is connected to the device, he will receive the 1st level alarm which he will simply have to silence. At the same time, the other parent’s phone will be connected to a tippy pad and will take over the management of the device.

The battery of the device lasts 4 years (with daily use of two hours), as long as the legal obligation. The battery is neither rechargeable nor replaceable. The Digicom company has made this choice for a matter of consumer safety, so that replacing or recharging it does not compromise its functionality as it is an electronic product. Furthermore, Digicom has chosen to use a battery that can withstand up to 85 degrees, because very high temperatures can be reached inside the car. Commercially available replaceable batteries do not normally withstand temperatures above 60 degrees. The Tippy Pad battery guarantees maximum performance and safety even in extreme weather conditions.

Yes, as long as the tippy pad detects the presence of the child, it will remain active and consume battery power.
How do I know if the battery of the tippy pad runs out?
If the battery is low, the user will be notified by a message in the app and will also be able to see the low battery icon of the associated tippy pad.

If the battery is low, the user will be notified by a message in the app and will also be able to see the low battery icon of the associated tippy pad.

Up to four Tippy Pads can be associated and used with the same account at the same time. One phone can only use one account at a time, so one smartphone can control up to 4 Tippy Pads.

Emergency text messages do not scale the telephone credit because they take advantage of the user’s data network (internet) and are provided as an exclusive free service by the Tippy Pad app.

The device exploits only the low energy bluetooth technology with a 2.4 – 2.485ghz frequency band. It is ce certified to be used without danger of radiation.The device uses exclusively low energy bluetooth technology with frequency band 2.4 – 2.485ghz. It is certified to be used without danger of radiation. It has also undergone specific tests (sar) that have shown values far below the terms of the law.

The Tippy Pad also works when other devices (e.g. Bluetooth headsets, car speakerphone, smartwatch) are connected to the same smartphone.

Try turning the Bluetooth on/off and performing the pairing procedure again. If you continue to have problems, please contact the technical support, you can find the contacts on the official website or by writing an email to the address: customerservice@digicom.it indicating the serial number of the product.

Tippy Pad is equipped with a pressure presence sensor. Provided that the seat of the seat is able to comfortably accommodate the cushion, the device can be considered compatible and installable on all car seats.
There is no weight limit. The device is therefore suitable for use with children up to 12 years of age and with a height of less than 150 cm.

The notification sms are sent through a virtual sms server that is activated by the management server of the Tippy app.
Whenever the first level of audible alarm is ignored, the app communicates with the server (via web) which asks the virtual sms server to send a message to the numbers entered in the telephone contacts of the Tippy Pad. No cost for this type of service, regardless of the telephone operator, is expected to be borne by the customer.

The phone numbers are reached by the SMS message without having to install the app and connect to a Tippy Pad; in fact, the message sent is a real SMS.

For emergency messages to be sent, the user’s data network must be active. If the user is in an area with low network coverage, the messages will start as soon as coverage is resumed. In any case, the app will still be able to receive sound notifications via Bluetooth.
Furthermore, we remind you that the decree law n.122 of October 2, 2019 on anti-abandonment devices does not oblige the devices to send calls or emergency messages.

Tippy Pad is a pad that is placed over the seat of the safety car seat. It is sufficient to rest it on the seat; it is necessary to pass the leg belt of the seat through the appropriate buttonhole created on the Tippy Pad. The child, in these conditions, can in no way remove or deactivate it.

Yes, It is possible to place the Tippy Pad on these types of seats. To prevent it from being tampered with, you can place the Tippy Pad between the seat cover and the plastic body. Alternatively, you can use a few strips of velcro (not included).

Digicom does not sell Tippy Pads directly to the final consumer, but uses distribution chains and individual retailers both online and offline. To find out where to buy the product or look for the nearest point of sale, visit the official website at this link

If you forget your smartphone at home, you will not be notified that it has been activated.
If you forget your smartphone in your car, you will not receive any alarm notifications. Product developments are underway to deal with these possible cases.

Digicom will launch on the market Tippy-Fi an accessory that will communicate with Tippy Pad and will emit the alarm notifications instead of the smartphone.

Tippy Pad is compliant with the requirements of the decree law, therefore Digicom has compiled the declaration of conformity taking full responsibility for the functionality of the device. The declaration can be downloaded from the official website at this link

The Tippy Pad is composed of: a pad and an application. It is therefore a high-tech system. Those who buy it are aware that the device, as it is composed, to function and comply with legal requirements, must have Bluetooth active and of course smartphones on and efficient. Once the first configuration has been carried out, the user only needs to have a phone with an active app (even in the background) and Bluetooth on to automatically detect the presence of the child.

No, in order to be able to work and comply with the requirements of the decree must have the Bluetooth and the app (even in the background) active, without them could not give the confirmation of mandatory activation to the user.

Tippy Pad is a product that can be adapted to all child seats and complies with the text of the decree. The technology and reliability of the Tippy Pad device have been adopted by the most important manufacturers of restraint systems. Tippy Pad has carried out severe crash tests in compliance with the ece r44 and ece r129 standards at the csi on a significant number of seats, indicating that the product has no influence on the safety of the restraint system. Tippy Pad has a thickness and a fabric specifically designed to avoid compromising safety when travelling.

Tippy uses a pressure presence sensor to work on condition that the seat of the seat is able to comfortably accommodate the cushion, (which measures 30×20 cm) the device can be considered compatible, possibly after adopting some precaution to make it stable on the seat (such as applying Velcro if the seat is not equipped with a central fixing strap) if necessary.
A true weight limit is not indicated. The device is suitable for children up to 12 years of age and with a height not exceeding 150 cm

Contact the technical assistance directly on the official website or by writing an e-mail to the following address: customerservice@digicom.it indicating the serial number of the product.

Starting from the 20th of February 2020 it is possible to sign up on the Sogei digital platform or on the website of the Ministry of Transport. 

  • Those who still do not have an anti abandon device will get an electronic shopping voucher worth 30 euros valid for the purchase of the product.
  • Those who have already purchased it will be entitled to a refund by registering on the Sogei platform within 60 days from February 20th, with the obligation to enclose a copy of the relevant receipt.