The safety of children is the priority of every parent, that can generate daily stress which often adds to the multitude of commitments that we have organized on a minute basis, thus creating a daily routine and stressDigicom’s interest in both children’s safety in both homes and cars has allowed the creation of “Tippy smart tech solutions”. Cutting-edge security systems that support parents in their daily lives. Tippy allows you to support parental control by relieving situations that go beyond our control or any stress.

Tippy Pad is the innovative Bluetooth Smart Pad, which applied on Child car seat allows you to detect the presence of it, (Read more.)

Tippy-fi is a handy accessory to match your Tippy Pad. Used as the car’s keychain (Read more.)

Tippy Safe Home is the suite of devices that prevent children’s risks of falls in a domestic environment.(Read more.)

Presentazione Tippy suite