Tippy, the anti-abandon Bluetooth device, thanks to the appended APP prevents the risk of leaving children inside the car.

Functional characteristics

Stores emergency numbers. Alert the parent with a notification (alarm sound on your smartphone if you move away by climbing the child inside the car.
Allows to send, in case of non-response to the notification, an SMS to pre-set telephone numbers indicating the geographical coordinates of the car, creating a real rescue network

The Tippy pressure sensor is registered as INTERNATIONAL PATENT APPLICATION PENDING WO / 2018/134724

Technical features

Bluetooth Low Energy Communication Technology
Easily installed on all car seats
Battery life 4 years (average two hours per day)
Possibility to manage up to 4 devices
Application Compatible with IOS and Android system
APP versions Android 5.0 – IOS 10.0 and higher
Removable and washable fabric
Made in Italy product
Product Complies with European regulations

WARNING! Enable geolocation services in the phone settings (“Location” menu). If the service is disabled, the application is not able to provide all the necessary information regarding the location of the product Tippy.


Tippy is not intended to replace adult supervision of children. It is also specified that neither the present application nor the device connected to it can be considered or intended by the User as a security system. The User will therefore take all reasonable measures to avoid or reduce any damage and negative effect that may result from the proper and improper use of the Application.