FAQ about Tippy?

To install the Tippy APP on your smartphone, you must download it from the Google Play Store for the Android operating system and the Apple Store for the iOS operating system and follow the installation instructions. Or you can scan the QR code at the back of the manual for a direct connection to the stores.

We recommend that you check the smartphone system requirements reported in the store. To use the application it is necessary to confirm the terms of use displayed at the first access.

It is possible to associate a maximum of 3 Tippy to your smartphone.

The language is set automatically according to the specifications of the telephone operating system.

Proceed with the checks below by checking the resolution of the problem in sequence:

Switch the Bluetooth of your smartphone off and on again;
Close the APP;
Switch your smartphone off and on again;
Check the system requirements indicated in the store.

To turn on the Tippy follow the instructions in the tutorial in the APP or consult the manual.

After 3 minutes of absence of the child the Tippy switches off automatically.

The serial (identified with SN) is reported both inside the Tippy and on the manual on the last page and on the back of the pack.

In case of first use, follow the instructions on the tutorial in the APP or in the manual.

If the Tippy has already been associated at least once, try to proceed with the instructions below:

Verify that the Tippy has not been deleted;
Switch the Bluetooth of your smartphone off and on again;
Close the APP;
Switch your smartphone off and on again;
Check the system requirements indicated in the store.
For more details see the instruction manual.

Within the profile, with “Remove”, the settings are permanently deleted and the Tippy related to the profile is deleted from the APP.

You can enter up to two emergency numbers.

The external covering is removable and washable according to the instructions indicated on the external label.

For the duration of the warranty on conformity defects please refer to the national regulations applicable in the country of purchase, where provided.

For more details, refer to the instruction manual.

Verify that the email sent to you has not been moved from your mail system to spam or junk mail. If the mail is not present even in spam contact technical support.

Make sure that the cushion is not covered by other objects (cushions, seat belts, toys), that there are no curvatures and that it is placed on the seat as flat as possible.

Yes, but two phones can not use it at the same time. Also accessing with the same account, the information registered on a telephone (child’s name, emergency telephone numbers etc.) will be automatically displayed on another phone.

The device exploits only the low energy bluetooth technology with a 2.4 – 2.485ghz frequency band. It is ce certified to be used without danger of radiation.

Tippy uses a pressure presence sensor to work on condition that the seat of the seat is able to comfortably accommodate the cushion, (which measures 30×20 cm) the device can be considered compatible, possibly after adopting some precaution to make it stable on the seat (such as applying Velcro if the seat is not equipped with a central fixing strap) if necessary.
A true weight limit is not indicated. The device is suitable for children up to 12 years of age and with a height not exceeding 150 cm

Tippy is a bearing that is placed over the seat of the seat and it is sufficient to place it on the seat; it is necessary to pass the seat belt through the appropriate buttonhole specially created on tippy.
The child, being seated above tippy, can not in any way remove it or deactivate it.

When pairing the second phone, check that the first one is not already connected; possibly deactivate the bluetooth temporarily. In fact, Bluetooth technology requires that a device can connect or pair with only one phone at a time.

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