It is official: Minister Paola De Michelis has signed the decree regulating the allocation of the contribution or reimbursement of 30 euros for the purchase of anti abandonment devices.

To obtain the bonus, all you need to do is register on the Sogei digital platform or on the website of the Ministry of Transport from February 20.

* Those who still do not have an anti abandonment device will get an electronic shopping voucher worth 30 euros valid for the purchase of the product.

* Those who have already purchased it will be entitled to a refund by registering on the Sogei platform within 60 days from February 20, with the obligation to attach a copy of the relevant receipt.

A news that we’ve been waiting (and you’ve been waiting for) with great interest and that finally is reality: hurray!

For information on all the specifics read the full text of the Decree.