Did you know that every year in the whole world more than 30 children die of heat stroke due to the overheating of cars?

In the last 20 years have been registered hundreds of cases of abandon of children in cars, some with fatal outcomes.

With this infographic, we want to report the numbers of registered cases and their related causes.

There’s not available any world database, all those data have been collected from the web: news, sites or newspapers.

The United States is the most affected area, in fact since the beginning of 2019, more than 30 deaths have already occurred.

As you can see in the infographics, America is not the only place where this misfortune happens, even Europe and Asia show that the abandonment of children in cars is a real issue. Countries such as Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, South Korea, etc. report much higher numbers, but with positive results.

How come that children are in the car at the moment of death?

We have already explained before what happens to a child’s body when it is inside a hot car, but what are the causes that led him to the car?

– 18% of children were consciously left in the car by their parents, probably during the commissioning process.

– 26% of children were unconsciously trapped by playing in the car and had free access to the car.

– 53% of children were “unconsciously forgotten” by their parents. Parents thought they had taken them to kindergarten or their grandparents.

Below are listed some of the sources from which the information was taken: