“DIMENTICATO NULLA?” Tippy attends the evening meeting about road safety

“DIMENTICATO NULLA?” Is the title of the evening dedicated to the road safety as an act of love before a legal obligation. The meeting is open to all and it is held by Dr. Maura Montagnini, psychologist and educator. She will illustrate the importance of information and prevention to reduce accidents involving children. The doctor will deal with issues related to the homologation laws, to the categories of child seats up to the new law project that provides the obligation of anti-abandonment devices. In the meeting, the Doctor will report real cases and examples, statistics, some test / crash test videos and … Tippy! During the evening meeting a demonstration moment is planned. The case will explain what the product consists of and how it can be useful in preventing the abandonment of children in car. The meeting will take place on Thursday 4 April at 8.30 pm at the Palazzo Martinengo in the town of Collebeato (Brescia).