This year the B810 group aims to support the Casina dei Bimbi Association and as the protagonists of its 2019 calendar the children of the company employees.
To seal this commitment, Massimiliano Paparcone, CEO of the Group, met Francesca Fabiani and Claudia Nasi, Vice President and Founding President of the association, at the B810 S.r.l.

Every year B810 supports a charity association of the province of Reggio Emilia, creating the calendar for the following year and recalling the mission of the supported entity, combining it with the Group’s activities.

For 2019 the B810 group looks to the future. The future is so young that it looks like a child. Who could best represent it if not the younger children of the employees, inserted in the working contexts of the parents?
The words of the President of the Group, Massimiliano Paparcone, fully embrace the objective of the initiative: “Extraordinary companies are only possible thanks to extraordinary people: pursuing growth through the centrality of our people is a primary mission for us. The main objective of the B810 group is to understand people’s needs and to devise related solutions that ensure greater safety and comfort both at work and outside.
Tomorrow’s extraordinary adults are our extraordinary little ones today: no one more than them will be the architect and interpreter of the concept of innovation that is already a daily challenge for our group.
With this in mind, just to support the formidable intersection between present and future that only our children can represent, we decided to support Casina dei Bimbi, an association whose emergency volunteers take care of young patients both inside and out hospitals, creating a real support network for them and their families.”