If you have a Huawei smartphone, the news won’t sound new. The Chinese brand, beloved and popular, no longer relies on Google Play to download apps, but has created one on its own AppGallery. An exclusive digital platform where users can get all their favourite apps.
Could the Tippy be missing among them? Obviously not, in fact we are also present on App Gallery!
The great thing is that the new platform offers very high security standards both in terms of content (the apps you download, all verified by Huawei) and in terms of data privacy certified according to international standards. In addition there is a powerful Parental Control function that allows you to restrict the use of certain apps to adults only, preventing your children from using them on their own devices.
If you want even more, App Gallery also gives you tips on apps that you might like based on your interests. A very useful feature in a context where apps are multiplying by the day.
What are you waiting for? Download the Tippy app on your Huawei smartphone and continue using your Tippy Pad in the easiest and safest way!