Are you a social mom, have many friends and want to try Tippy Pad and Tippy Fi for free to share your experience with them? It’s your time!
We’ve just launched on our Instagram page the “Moms Needed” operation. Objective: transform 10 “real” moms into testimonials for Tippy Pad, the best-selling anti abandonment system in Italy since 2017.
Participating is simple: just make a short story explaining why you are the mom we are looking for and publish it by tagging @tippydigicom.
Among all the stories published in the next weeks, we will choose 10 “top” moms who will receive Tippy Pad and Tippy Fi at home and will be able to do their review. All the reviews will be relaunched on our Instagram page and will help to tell many other parents about the products and their features.
If you want to get involved and take advantage of this time when we are all at home to do something useful and fun, this is your chance. Maybe you’re one of the moms we’re looking for!