Digicom narrates Tippy ROMANO NIRONI ISN’T ONLY THE MANAGER OF TIPPY-BRANDED PRODUCTS, HE IS A FATHER WHO TELLS US HOW THE IDEA OF CREATING A PRODUCT LIKE TIPPY PAD CAME ABOUT. The intuition of Tippy comes directly from the ownership of the B810 group, of which Digicom is part, from


LA TUA OPINIONE È FONDAMENTALE! Safety for your child is paramount for mums and dads, both inside and outside the home. We at TIPPY know this and we are working to offer you new solutions to protect your baby explorer! To do this, we started from the opinions of mums

KIND+JUGEND 2019 news

KIND+JUGEND 2019 Also this year Tippy will be present at Kind+Jugend 2019, the most important international event for everything related to products for babies and children. This annual event brings together all the main players in the sector, showcasing the main new products and trends in the early childhood market.